Category: Annoyances

Why too many days off school make me crazy

I’m almost positive my son and daughter attend Grade 1 and preschool, respectively. It’s just that for the last three or four weeks, they’ve barely gone. At least it feels that way, between flu bugs, coughs, snow days, labour action, holidays and more snow… Continue Reading “Why too many days off school make me crazy”

On freelance life + Hollywood

Me, back in my entertainment reporter days. If I were to list my Top 5 Annoyances relating to my job as a freelance writer, do you know what they’d be? 1. People who don’t think I “really” work. No, I don’t think I’m automatically… Continue Reading “On freelance life + Hollywood”

I hate camping … but here’s why I go

My husband, son and daughter all love camping, but I’m a cranky camper — I fully admit it. Camping just sets me on edge. I dislike feeling grubby and sweaty and itchy from all of my swollen bug bites. I dislike waking up in… Continue Reading “I hate camping … but here’s why I go”