The wheels on the bus

I once hopped onto a bus, deposited by fare, and started to look for a seat. But blocking the entire aisle was a gigantic plastic kiddie car — complete with kiddie inside. Parked next to the kiddie-car was a stroller — with a baby inside.

I gave the mother a pissy look for blocking the whole aisle, and had to squeeze past the parade of tot-vehicles by holding my bag over my head and slipping around a poll.

You have a baby, you need a car … right? So you don’t drive everyone else on the bus absolutely crazy!???

This concerns me, because you see, Darling Husband and I are a one-vehicle family. He drives me to work every day, and I usually bus home — as his hours are ever-changing, and his work is far away. This system works for us, for the most part. Sure, there are times when I bitch about having to take l’autobus, but I (usually) put on my big-girl panties and deal.

But throw a bambino into the mix, and I begin to worry. Sure, I can handle the bus (most of the time). And sure, I won’t be commuting every day with a baby. But how will I get anywhere with a baby? Like … the mall, to buy more onesies???

I used to look at people on the bus, crowding the aisles with their strollers and kiddie-cars and diapers bags, and think, Ughhh. But if circumstances don’t change, that could be me crowding the aisle.

Please move aside, people — my child’s annoyingly-large kiddie car needs to make a three-point turn!

So what do you think?

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