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That elusive balance

This has been kind of a rough week.  I spent most of the day thinking that I was much, much busier than last week, but a quick check of my calendar shows that, no, I was this busy last week. And the week before.… Continue Reading “That elusive balance”

Workin’ for the … weekend? No, sorry, we don’t get those!

What day is it today? No, really? I went through *all* of yesterday being completely convinced it was Tuesday, and I think that happened because Tuesday was so busy that it melted into the real Wednesday. Things are busy on the freelance front this… Continue Reading “Workin’ for the … weekend? No, sorry, we don’t get those!”

A day in the life

I’ve been meaning to do one of these posts FOREVER, but it kept getting away from me. I love reading them when other bloggers write them, so I figured I had to take some notes and make it a priority. I work on a… Continue Reading “A day in the life”