The magic of something new

As a parent, there is something positively magical about watching your child excel in anything.

But when they’re wonderful at something new and unexpected, it feels even more amazing because it’s like you’re seeing them again for the first time.

When I heard about a five-day drama camp at our local theatre, I thought it sounded like something our eight-year-old daughter might like. She’d never acted before, but she’s super outgoing and talks animatedly to an audience when she records her YouTube videos. 

Sure enough, she adored drama camp from the very first minute, and it was fun hearing that she did many of the same activities I used to do in my drama classes — like improvise and play Zip Zap Zop. 

It was fun to have something special in common with our daughter. As a teenager, I took film/TV acting classes at the Cassidy Group and stage classes at Neptune Theatre School, and I hope to get into community theatre when the kids are a bit older (and COVID stops ruining everything). 

It was announced that the campers would perform “Little COVID Annie” at the end of the week, and I burst with pride when our daughter came home sharing the lead role of Annie.

My baby was going to be one of the stars! Aughhh!

“Little Covid Annie”

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