DIY school picture timeline

Please note: This is the last Handmade Home column for a little while. I hope to be back at it as soon as possible.


Without fail, we buy a package of our kids’ school photos every single year. Some years, the photos are really nice. Other years, the kids have an awkward smile or a wary gaze. It doesn’t matter to me — I’m ordering them anyway.

I love that we can easily adjust the timeline or swap out frames anytime we want. The S-hooks make it easy to lift the frames off and reposition them.

I dutifully give copies to the grandparents, but the problem was that I didn’t actually display any of the 8x10s I’d ordered for myself. I just couldn’t decide how or where.

Would I only keep the current year’s photo on display? Would I hang them all somewhere? A gallery wall of school photos wouldn’t be practical, since I’d have to update it every single year.

So I did nothing with my copies of the school pictures, except keep buying them and carefully storing them away.

Recently, I had an idea. What if I hung the school pictures in a way that I could show them all — in order — while also being able to add new ones?

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