DIY fur pouf from a thrift store footstool

Remember when we chatted about reupholstering my sister’s living room ottoman in what I called “the tricky way” — sewing a new cover and then keeping it in place with upholstery tacks?

Well, today we’re going to try “the easy way” — wrapping one with new fabric and going wild with staples on the underside — to turn a zany old footstool into a fluffy fur pouf.

There are so many footstools and ottomans sitting in thrift stores, priced at just a few dollars each, just waiting to be taken home and redone. I think this is the fourth one I’ve remade for our house so far.

(Like this for our daughter’s room …)

(And this one for our basement …)

(And, most recently, this one for my sister’s living room.)

It’s such an easy, inexpensive project!

My mom picked me up a truly wacky one at one of her local thrift stores: leopard-print fabric, gold braid and dangling gold tassels.

The tassels were so tacky that they were kind of fun, but her kitty had clawed at them and they looked pretty messy.

But it had serious potential …

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DIY fur pouf from a thrift store footstool {Heather's Handmade Life}
DIY fur pouf from a thrift store footstool {Heather’s Handmade Life}

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