Prepping for puberty

When I was a kid, I remember my mom trying to explain the finer points of puberty. I squealed, ran from her room in embarrassment and never, ever asked about it again.

I eventually found a dusty old Dr. Spock parenting book in the basement. It had a couple of pages on puberty, and I read them over and over. My friend had one of the “real” puberty books, and I remember sneaking peeks at it when I was over at her place.

B.O. is the pits. (The eyelashes on those guys tho! Nice!)

The thing was, I wanted the information — it was just too embarrassing to listen to my mom say it. We covered it a bit in school, but I mostly remember everyone blushing and giggling and waiting for it to be over.

Our son is turning nine in a few days and our daughter recently turned seven, so while we’re not officially in the puberty trenches … it’s coming.

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Here are the books I mention in the article:

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