Kitchen chair turned desk chair

Kitchen chair to desk chair {Heather's Handmade Life}

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see the things you’ve stopped noticing in your own home.

I was recently standing in a client’s foyer, discussing what to pick up for the bedroom I was decorating for her daughter. We needed a desk chair to go with a beautiful new custom new desk we were building.

She was more than happy to go buy a new chair for the room, but my instinct is hardly ever to run to a store and buy something brand new, unless it’s project supplies like fabric, paint or lumber. (In any of those categories, I turn into a crazed shopping fiend.)

“What about one of those?” I asked, pointing into the next room at a couple of dark green kitchen chairs sitting around her daughter’s craft table. They were slightly battered, but very solid looking. Surely she didn’t need three of them at her craft table, and we could steal one?

The green had to go, but this chair had potential.

My client looked surprised, but told me I could certainly take one if I thought it would work. So I trucked it home with me, brought it into my studio, and got to work painting it a beautiful light cream colour. (Plaster by Fusion Mineral Paint.*) But the paint was just the beginning …

I picked up a chair pad and some fluffy white fabric, which is hilariously called “monkey fur.” (Um, I’ve never seen a white fluffy monkey?)

Once I’d trimmed the chair pad a bit to fit the rounded edges of the seat, I lay the chair pad onto the fabric — right side up — and wrapped it over the top and bottom, overlapping the fabric to make a pocket.

I pinned around one side of the chair pad, following its curves …

… and then took out the chair pad so I could stitch along the line of pins.

I repeated the process for the other side, trimming away the excess fur — woah, that was messy!

… and turned the whole thing right-side-out so I could jam the chair pad inside. If the fluffy white cover needs to be cleaned, the chair pad can be wrestled back out to make it easier.

Once I set the new fluffy cushion on the seat of the chair, I decided it should have ties to keep it in place so it didn’t slide around. I just sewed strips from a few scraps of cream-coloured canvas, and hand-stitched two in each of the back corners. Then I was able to tie the cushion to the chair rungs snugly.

This is just one of many, many pieces I’m working on for this “teenage dream” bedroom makeover, and I’m loving how it’s all turning out. The muted colour combination of cream and white is super elegant, and it looks like something you’d see on Wayfair for way more than the $22 it cost us for this project!

I can totally picture this chair pulled up to the new white desk — the perfect, fluffy seat for doing homework, sketching, or just hanging out. Ahh, to be 13 again.

Kitchen chair to desk chair {Heather's Handmade Life}
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