When your child says ‘I hate math’

It came out of nowhere.
The sadistic monster that haunted me from Grade 4 through Grade 12 was back, only this time it had a new victim: our seven-year-old son.

We were sitting around the table eating dinner on a Sunday evening, and casually talking about the return to school after March Break. I was enthusiastic, naturally, since it had been a long nine days and I was ready to work in a quiet house again.

“It’s going to be so nice to see all of your friends again,” I chattered between bites of hamburger and broccoli.

Our five-year-old daughter, ever the social butterfly, readily agreed. She flits through the Primary pod like she owns the place, and couldn’t wait to see her friends and hug her teachers.

But our son hesitated. He shrugged a moody sort of shrug and mumbled that he didn’t want to go back.

I felt my mom instincts fire up. Nooooo! He’s always liked school! Why is this happening?! Ugh, is it all of a sudden going to be a struggle to get him to school?! Whyyyyyyy?!

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“… How are you supposed to reassure your child that math isn’t the enemy when, for you, it really was? …”

2 Comments on “When your child says ‘I hate math’

  1. Watch Sal Kahn’s Ted Talk about how and WHY he started Kahn Academy. …. Nothing short of incredible – and I feel certain if you and your 7 yr old start doing math together on it – it will change your world. ( I only wish I had discovered it when my boys were younger )
    All the best.


    • What a cool site! I just created an account and can’t wait to show it to him. Thanks so much for the recommendation!


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