Little Live Pets™ Surprise Chick review + giveaway

Disclosure: We received toys from Little Live Pets™ to play with and review, but all opinions (and muddy, windblown children) are our own. 

It was an exciting mail day in our house when we received the Little Live Pets™ Surprise Chick and Surprise Chick House. They were different from our last pets because there was the element of surprise. Who was going to be in there?!

We invited some friends over for the big “unboxing” (quite the YouTube phenomenon these days, apparently, is opening up packaging. Ah, kids today.)

It was crazy-windy out, hence C’s extra-wild hair.

You could hear the chicks peeping up a storm inside their eggs, and tapping at the shells to “break” them!

OMG it’s happeningggggg!

C’mon, little chicks! We want to meet you!

Hello … is it me you’re waiting for?

The chicks hatched pretty quickly after I released the little lock underneath them (which, you know, prevents them from hatching in the store or inside a shipping crate).

It was chaotic as all the kids squealed and freaked out and I tried to get close enough to take a picture or a video, so here’s how it looks when they’re hatching …

These little guys are really cute. They hop around on their little chicky feet, they tweet and sing, and their little beaks open and close.

(Most importantly, they are NOT loud and/or annoying — and I’m really particular about that when it comes to toys. And people.)

We did not get the elusive limited-edition Golden Chick, but we got “Beaky the Rainbow Chick” (who was promptly renamed “Fuzzy” by D) …

… and “Henny Penny, the Sunny Chick” (who was originally called “Hairy,” lol, and then C renamed “Rainbow.”)

Our neighbour, Mya, was so cute with the chicks, like she was holding a little miracle. Other than their rainbow-coloured wings, they are really realistic.

D especially took to the chicks, even long after the other kids were running around the yard playing. He put them back in their shells to hatch again and again.

He opened and closed their house, then gently put them both inside and hung them on his handlebars as he scooted around the driveway.

The kids liked “racing” their chicks, but I got a kick out of watching them scoot down the little ramp in their house.

The only downside to these toys?

Their little white, fuzzy bodies are looking a dingy because the kids won’t keep their muddy backyard paws off of them.

Want to win your own Little Live Pets™ Surprise Chick? I have TWO to give away, so be sure to enter below …

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