Weekly wrap-up: Makeup + office supplies + more

It’s been a week, and all I can say is that I’m really grateful there is school today. School is a blessing! Preschool, too!

Of course, I only have two hours to work so I’d better get this post finished so I can focus on the rest of my to-do list.

Here’s a quick re-cap of what happened this week:


Did you catch the makeup table and chair I created for our daughter’s bedroom? I’m really feeling that Anne of Green Gables fabric.


I talked about how our whole family is suddenly into Sudoku puzzles. I had no idea there were special versions for kids — smaller grids, or grids with shapes — and I linked to some great free printables.

Over on Instagram, I shared that the kids and I had a rousing UNO tournament that resulted in two wins for C, one win for me, and 0 wins for D. There were tears and complaints and people tried to leave the table — even the WINNER, for some reason??? — but I forced everyone to stay while I preached about the importance of being a good sport. *sigh*


I shared my favourite work-at-home treats, like my fancy leather desk chair (SO WORTH IT), the mist that keeps me awake when I’m on deadline + tired, and pretty office supplies that make my office a nicer place to be.

And, in the spirit of treating myself, I took myself through the McDonald’s drive-thru for a Secret Early No-Kids Car Lunch.

Who cares that it was 11:01 a.m.? Those kids were about to be home with me ALL AFTERNOON thanks to another snow day. I totally deserved those nugs, and they were excellent.

Then on Facebook I shared the interview I did with the hilarious Jim Gaffigan. It literally paused one of his Netflix specials on one monitor so I could interview him and take notes on my second monitor. Cray.


Can you believe it’s been two years since I had surprise surgery? I know. Me, neither.

(If you’re new here, you can catch up by reading about how I got an IUD to solve period problems and the damn thing fell out, and then I went into the hospital for a minor procedure that ended up turning into a full-blown surprise hysterectomy.)

It was March 30, 2015 that my “Hysterecomy at 31” story was published on the Huffington Post, so I re-shared it over on Instagram for old time’s sake.

Oh, and there was also a pretty picture of a gallery wall in our kitchen/dining room because I heart gallery walls.


My story on the lovely Angela Campagnoni ran today, so please check out her new book helping children deal with loss. It’s beautiful and the illustrations — those bears with tears in their eyes!!! — are perfection.


//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsWe’ve got a full weekend ahead of us, which includes TWO birthday parties for THREE different children — all tomorrow, yikes — and I’m heading into the city on Sunday with Lori from Farm Fresh Style for a special East Coast Mom Media event.

But first, of course, there is pizza + movie Friday. Ahhh.


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