Weekly wrap-up: flashing lights + snow days + baby clothes

In case you missed it, here’s what I’ve been up to this week in Internet-Land … 


I shared my fun Lite-Brite DIY — including a blinky-blinky picture over on Instagram — and basically had the commercial’s song in my head all day. Lite-Brite! Lite-Brite! Turn on the magic of shining light!

Over on Instagram, I showed how the kids went bobbing for apples — yeah, in March — because what else are you supposed to do when March Break should be over? But it’s a snow day? In spring?


We chatted about kids + phone manners. I taught ours to use the rotary-style phone in the kitchen and now they’re obsessed with making calls. It’s actually quite a nice way to entertain them while I cook, because they just hang around the peninsula dialing and jabbering away. 


I was feeling stressy from colours in spreadsheets — yes, I know, earth-shattering stuff — and decided to talk about some of my weirdness here in the ol’ home office. I also shared an AMAZING link to a free white-noise streaming site that saves my life. Daily. 

And over on Insta, I dried my pretty new sink because STRESS and because cleaning makes me calmer.


We had yet another snow day! For real. The second one in a week, and DID I MENTION IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING? Oh, Canada. You are a butt sometimes.

Oh, and I shared the baby-clothes quilt I was finishing up for our baby girl. I already finished D’s, too, actually, so I’ll be sharing within the next couple of weeks.

Lots of projects on the go this weekend, as well as pizza + movie night tonight. I am READY for a weekend after this heck-hole of a week.


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