Weird work-at-home quirks + hacks

Today’s post is brought to you by Things That Annoy Me about working from home. Yes, you heard me — working from home is not all merrily-throwing-the-laundry-on in between tea breaks. 
I noticed I have a couple of quirks that can interfere with my productivity, and when you have very limited work-time, you can’t afford to work any slower than a caffeinated maniac.

What kinds of quirks? Well, for example …

When Colours Upset Me.

Spreadsheets full of angry colours, why you gotta hate? I’m just trying to work (on a shared file) and the other person is trying to kill my brain with SO MUCH RED.
This would apply to any job, I suppose, but let’s just say you’re more SENSITIVE to this stuff when your home office is a hole in the basement and you’re all alone. Always. Except when your kids won’t leave you alone. 

The solution: Pastel-ize your spreadsheets, calendars, etc. so they don’t crush your dreams.

When I Can Hear Other Humans.

Working at home means I constantly have to tune out the sounds of children — and a husband who coughs far too much. It breaks my concentration and, really, is it so difficult to see the f**king doctor about getting a puffer because YOU NEED TO STOP COUGHING.

The solution: Drown them out. I freaking love this site. You can play around with the dials and customize the white noise to get it jusssst how you like it. (This link will set it to my exact preference. You’re welcome.)

What are your favourite work-at-home hacks? Let me know in the comments or over on Facebook!

2 Comments on “Weird work-at-home quirks + hacks

  1. This white noise machine is life. And I love that I can just use your settings and not have to make my own! xo


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