The massive mirror makeover

I’ve gotten some amazing pieces off the curb — free for the taking — like two dining chairs and a coffee table. The other day my friend scored a gorgeous solid wood end table. You never know what you’re going to see there, just because someone wanted it out of their house immediately.

My latest find was actually picked up from a curb in Lower Sackville by a family friend because she knew I’d want it: a huge, heavy gilded mirror.

I happily accepted it and spent some time thinking about where it was going to go. The frame had beautiful baroque details but it was definitely just plastic, painted with a gold metallic finish.

I thought about doing a wash over it and keeping some of the gold, but decided I wanted to paint the whole thing a creamy matte white. I spread a dropcloth on the table, hefted the mirror onto it and grabbed two paintbrushes — one for me, and one for my four-year-old.

The kids don’t always help me with DIYs —especially painting projects — but I figured there was no harm in getting her ‘assistance’ with the mirror. I knew I could scrape any paint globs off the mirror’s surface and the table was protected …

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This is apparently a pre-dusted picture!

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