DIY upgrade for outdoor house numbers

It’s funny how you can live with so many small details about your house just because they aren’t offensive to the eye, and then suddenly you can’t stand them anymore.

I was never crazy about the black and white plastic plaque hanging on the front of our house, but it wasn’t that bad. Sure, I’d twitch a little bit every time I noticed the 2 was ever-so-slightly leaning to the left. But overall, it could have been much worse. So I left it alone.

I was cruising Pinterest one day looking for front porch inspiration and I saw a house number plaque so beautiful it stopped me mid-scroll. It was a set of modern, brushed nickel numbers attached to a background of stained wood. Completely simple and yet totally perfect.

I investigated our dingy plastic plaque and decided it would be easy to remove and I could reuse the same screw holes — drilling holes into the siding isn’t something I want to tackle. So I made a trip to the home improvement store and started looking at the number options.

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