How to make a too-big shirt fit perfectly

Sometimes when a shirt is REALLY popular, all of the good sizes (for me, that’s medium or large depending on how it fits) sell out quickly and there’s nothing left but XXL or extra-small. Not in my life have I *ever* been an extra-small anything.
So I was dying for one of the Sad but Rad shirts by Wear Your Label — an awesome New Brunswick fashion company tackling the stigma of mental illness — AND they were having a big sale to make room for their new winter collection. Awesome! 
But … the only size left was a unisex XL. Womp! Womp! It could have (snugly) fit my husband, not me.
I decided to order it anyway (I’m impatient and stubborn) and make it work for me anyway. So if you’re ever in the same situation, here’s how to remake a too-large shirt so it fits you perfectly …
Take a shirt you like (for me, it was a comfy flared tee from Joe Fresh) and lay it on top of the too-big shirt (which should be turned inside-out.
Using the nicely-fitting shirt as a guide, cut off the excess fabric from the big shirt. If the sleeves are also too big, you’ll want to cut those suckers right off so you can make smaller sleeves.

Once you’ve trimmed the sides of the shirt and chopped the sleeves, it’s just a matter of putting the whole thing back together again.

(Pssst: If you’ve never attached a sleeve before, MellySews has a great tutorial on sewing T-shirts.)

When I was cutting down the original sleeve, I made it a little puffed sleeve because YAY PUFFED SLEEVES!

 I LOVE my new Wear Your Label shirt — the first of many, I’m sure. (I also want “Anxious but Courageous”) I also love that I was able to take advantage of a sweet online sale by buying a too-large size and cutting it down to fit me exactly.

Did I mention the PUFFED SLEEVES? 🙂 
OK, mine are only a slight puff. But still.

So what do you think?

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