How we (finally) organized our entry closet

One of the most action-packed spots in our house is definitely our front hall closet. Longtime readers will remember it started off as a hot mess and I failed at the first decoration attempt
I had the right *intention* I think, but I went really overboard with colour and the organization just didn’t last … 
Yes, that is a POTTY you see on top of the shelving system. I don’t know why.

Last summer I shared Phase II, a.k.a. Thank God It’s Not Green Anymore.

I won the battle to remove the hanging rod and instead put in tons of glorious hooks — as well as storage bins that I used for the kids’ shoes, hats and mittens.

(We live in Canada, remember — that stuff’s kind of essential from September through April.)

It’s been working out SO. WELL. for a year and a half now, and the function is certainly the best part.

But …

… it’s not perfect yet.

We’re still dealing with one big issue, so Wayfair asked me to share a bit about our entry/mudroom system and which items I still have on my wish list.

Adult shoe storage is really the last remaining problem in here. The kids keep their shoes in the baskets that are screwed into the wall and it’s a great system — especially considering those bins are actually some type of dishpan!

But Darling Husband and I don’t always stick our shoes in the baskets on the shelves, like we’re supposed to. (Mostly him, naturally.) They end up messy-ing up the floor between the kids’ two bins and it DRIVES ME CRAZY (not like the Melissa Joan Hart movie, although that was pretty awful, too).

I’m going back and forth on whether or not I want to install a bin for our shoes or if that might be really ugly. Or do we just need better baskets? The baskets we’re using are kind of a mish-mash from all over the house, and it bugs me.

I’d love to upgrade to a nice matching set like these ones …

Theroux Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket with Handles by August Grove

Natural Style Square Basket by Colonial Mills

I wonder, too, if we put in a small storage ottoman, that we’d be better about putting our shoes in their proper place? I love this one — it’s our main level’s signature colour! — and it would be perfect for holding a couple of pairs of shoes each.

Plus, the kids could sit on it to tie their shoes velcro their shoes.

Clare Tokatli Upholstered Storage Ottoman by Latitude Run

Or maybe we just need to add a pretty boot tray? Everything looks better on a tray. (Even my husband’s stinky steel-toe boots and lawn-mowing sneakers.)

Stars Boot Tray by Darby Home Co

Even with the current Shoe War happening, our converted mudroom closet is a million times more functional — and better looking — than it was as an entry closet.

Hooks are far superior to hanging rods (ugh #hangerproblems) and I have no interest in hanging up tiny jackets 15 times a day. The kids have zero excuses for not putting their coats, shoes, hats, mitts, sunglasses, etc. away when they come inside.

Now if only adults were so easy to train … #guiltyascharged

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