DIY cookie stamp

I’m still undecided if this project was a fail or not, but it certainly didn’t wow me.
(Nothing could be worse than those devil bunny rolls. Nothing.)
I actually did this back before Christmas, thinking of the adorable custom sugar cookies I’d be able to give to our neighbours — along with the legendary chocolate bark and caramel corn that we’ve come to be known for. #epic #seriously
They turned out … OK. I guess. Not gift-worthy, but I might give it a try again and see if it can be improved.
Here’s how to make your own DIY cookie stamp, if you want to best me! 

Start by smooshing a bit of Sculpey into a circle. Use whatever colour you want, but don’t take my word for it that this is good for edible stuff. (Hashtag don’t sue?)

Mould a little handle for each stamp (a lumpy thing is fine — nothin’ fancy) and use pointy clay tools (or plain old toothpicks) to make your design in the stamp. Make sure to do a mirror image of the design you want on the cookie.

Bake the pieces as directed, let them cool, and then attach the (lumpy) handles with a bit of superglue.

Make your favourite sugar cookie recipe and stamp those suckers!

Bake the cookies as directed, and see how your designs turn out. My Cs turned out much better than my “2015 Clarke” cookies, so simple is best.


Now, since these aren’t real cookie stamps, they tend to get gummed up between batches. I had to use a toothpick to scrap out bits of dough before re-stamping, and I ended up throwing out the stamps after I finished the last batch.

Anybody try this? Did it work better for you? Or should I just make it my mission to try again and do a better job? #deepquestions

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