Why I sew my kids’ clothes

Why I sew my kids' clothes

Sometimes when people find out I sew almost all of my kids’ clothes, they get weirded out.

I totally get it. It probably would have sounded insane to me a few years ago. Like, what, are you trying to channel The Sound of Music by ripping down the curtains and turning them into little jumpsuits?

(Updated to add: I did it. I turned curtains into clothing, LOL!)

What started out as a hilarious fail — seriously, you should see the hideous pair of “jeans” I tried to sew for my son when he was a baby — has turned into a hobby I love and it keeps my kids dressed in their own unique styles. They only sometimes come home with fallen-off buttons in their pockets.

If you’ve ever raised an eyebrow at a homemade frock or wobbly-stitched pair of leggings, here are five things you might not know about those of us who sew clothes for our kids:

1. It’s almost always cheaper

Yes, sometimes I’ll splurge on a gorgeous pricy fabric that I absolutely have to have, but it’s no different than picking up an expensive gotta-have-it dress at Gap or Gymboree.

For the most part, I watch for fabric sales and keep a sharp eye on the discount section. A $4 piece of pre-cut knit fabric is often enough for multiple T-shirts for each child plus a couple of pairs of leggings.