DIY pincushions from repurposed items

You guys know I’m all about the big projects. We do a big project every single week, in fact. (Insert shameless plug for my weekly DIY column in the Chronicle Herald.
But sometimes? Sometimes I get exhausted by the big ones and need to get back to my roots — the little five-minutes crafties (however hideous + cheap) that I used to make with L during our famous Stitch’n’Bitch nights before we had babies.
So today’s DIY is blissfully easy (and free) but it’s something that will dress up my sewing area and add fun colours that DO NOT HAVE TO MATCH ANYTHING ELSE. They’re just for me.
(Important back story: I am constantly running out of pins and/or having to run to different levels of the house in search of my pincushion. So I need more.)
I started with some empties … 

And filled ’em up so I don’t waste precious stuffing (from the really classy garbage bag in my office closet where I keep my stuffing) …

I wrapped the Pringles can in a piece of pretty scrapbook paper and secured it with tape. I could have Mod Podged it but that would have required too much effort. Yay tape.

I picked out a pretty piece of fabric from my (out-of-control) stash, wrapped it around a ball of stuffing and taped it shut. Super fancy-like. And then smooshed it into the Pringles can.

(Is it ironic that a sewing room DIY does not include any sewing?)

I may have used too much stuffing for the iPhone box and the tape kept exploding off the fabric quite dramatically. So I pinned it. Much faster than sewing and no one will see the pins because they’ll be on the bottom.

There you have it! Two cute pin cushions that took about five minutes to throw together, and now maybe I can finally stop enlisting my children to run to different levels looking for Mommy’s pins. #sewingproblems

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