Why a blogger’s home looks better than yours (it doesn’t, really)

My most popular social media photos tend to be either (A) my cute kids, or (B) my “perfect” house. While my kids actually ARE cute, my house is NOT perfect.
The trouble with social media is that it tricks us into thinking everyone’s home/body/job/life is so much better than it is.
This is a huge issue for lifestyle/DIY bloggers because we share a lot of photos of our homes. We give the impression that every bit of our home is beautiful/styled/organized/clean when we’re actually standing in a pile of junk to shoot a tiny section of our home.
So let’s get a little honest today, shall we?

1. We know how to hide the ugly.

Sure, I’m showing you a beautiful corner of a room with plenty of natural light and clean surfaces. But I shoved all of the junk out of frame first. Lots and LOTS of junk sometimes …

2. We’re masters of Instagram (oh, and Instagram is a total lie)
The original photo was only OK. I played around with filters until I found the most flattering one. I also upped the brightness to make it look cleaner. Now how “real” is that shot? (Trust me — my floors are NOT that clean.)
3. We know what you want to see.
We’ll pick the most Pinterest-worthy areas of our home and focus on those. We know photos with lots of contrast get more likes. We know angled shots of food are prettier than a straight-down lookin’-at-the-plate shot. We know to use the black and white filters sparingly or they lose their effect. 
We basically *think* in squares when planning a photo. #lame

4. We have plenty of decorating and organization inspiration. 
Not everyone reads blogs! Shocker, I know! But bloggers? We read lots of blogs and we can’t help but soak in those tips and ideas. Even if we feel we’re not really keeping up with blogs because we’re so busy, we’re still following our faves on Instagram.

5. We rarely show you the messes. 
I know some bloggers that seem to NEVER show messy house shots, but I love when they do. None of us do it enough, even though we say we try to “keep it real.” When when do, often they’re slightly pre-tidied messes where we’ve removed a few things and then taken a “before” shot (not a true “before”). 
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to shove some crap in a drawer (and give the table a quick Clorox wipe so it’s shiny) so I can shoot a photo for an upcoming blog post … 😉

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