DIY daybed with faux planks

Upcycled DIY headboard {Heather's Handmade Life}

Not only was our basement pull-out couch totally uncomfortable as a guest bed, it managed to be both sharp and lumpy as a couch. Rather than buy a replacement sofa bed, I reasoned, why not build a totally awesome custom daybed?

My husband thought we should just stick it out with the lumpy couch, but my eyes were already glittering with Pin-spiration. Yes! We’re doing it!

The awful couch sold quickly on Kijiji and we put the money toward a brand-new pillow-top double mattress. Having bought ourselves a new mattress for our bedroom last year, we have learned that it pays to splurge on a good one.

For a while, we just had a mattress on the floor of the family room. There were many, many sketches and discussions about the best way to build the daybed since we couldn’t find existing plans for what we wanted. But after some prodding (I may have yelled “Just buy some boards and BUILD SOMETHING! ANYTHING!”), my handy husband built a very solid frame with 2x4s and a couple of sheets of MDF.

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