Outdoorsy activities for fashion-challenged children

Today in lame parenting news: I signed D up for Beaver Scouts!

(And yes, I’m mostly learning to not snicker when I say “beaver” because I am a responsible grown-up type.)

I was never in Sparks or Brownies as a kid, and neither was my sister. We have asked our mother about this, and she was no idea why we missed that particular activity. We both attended exactly one meeting each, on Friend Day, and that was it.
Darling Husband, however, had a great experience as a Cub Scout (the next level up, I’m told) and stayed in the program for several years. I asked him about his memories, and he was like “Uh … we camped in a cabin on the floor, in sleeping bags, and had farting competitions.”
(I think that may have been the first time I used the F-word on this blog. I’m sorry, readers.)
But! I think D will really like Beavers. He’s going on the same evening as his best friend, because we wanted them to have a special activity together since they will be attending different elementary schools (*sob*).
I don’t know what to expect, other than the fact that he will possibly go on hikes and do crafts and play games?
Also … he will look like a total fashion victim, as I’ve Snapped just about everybody on my list …

I don’t know what’s worse — the bucket bat, the neckerchief, or the sad little brown vest.

Where’s my Bedazzler?

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