On summertime + blogging

I’ve been at this game for six and half years now, holy, and the blog has certainly gone through highs and lows.

I posted like a madwoman — sometimes three times a day! — during my first pregnancy, and haven’t been able to meet that pace since. Something about having two kids or working entirely from home? Or having a husband who is always working? Excuses, you know.

Most of the time, I feel guilty when I’m too busy with paid writing (a.k.a. my jobz) to write blog posts.

But summertime is different.

Summertime seems to be when a lot of blogs let their editorial calendars slideeeee like a nice greasy blob of sunscreen you’re rubbing on your arms.

Oh, we’re on Instagram all of the time, of course, because who can live without Instie (#notme #nofilter)? But the blogs themselves? Crickets, except for the real keeners (I admire you).

I like that I’m feeling less pressure lately, and it’s inspiring me to get organized. I launched a new look for the blog last week — you should check it out, if you’re reading this in Bloglovin’ — and I’m starting to get ready for the unofficial relaunch of the blogging community, otherwise known as Our Kids Will Be Back in School and Normal Life Will Resume.


I’m jotting down ideas for posts, reading through unposted drafts, digging through that picture-packed “To Blog” folder on my desktop, and getting kind of excited.

I’ve been good about sharing my weekly parenting column and weekly DIY column here (Hi, shameless self-promotion, good to see you again). But I need to make organic blogging more of a priority again, and push myself to do more of the short, casual posts that used to be a staple around here.

I mean, who could forget the days when I chronicled the random one-sided conversations I held with the baby while I did laundry? I know you want more of that, right?


So what do you think?

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