Turn boring kitchen cabinets into open shelving

We’ve been making a lot of changes to the kitchen lately.
First the beadboard addition to the peninsula, which I am still LOVING because it makes things look so finished.
Then we repainted the kitchen cabinets a nice, bright white — not the same “wow” effect, since they were *technically* already white, but at least they’re done.
Most of you guys know that I write a weekly DIY column for our provincial newspaper, so it means I always need to be thinking of new projects (although Darling Husband would argue that I *never* stop thinking of new projects, column or no column).
I’m especially proud of this week’s creation. We took off two of our cabinet doors and made open shelving for our “pretty” everyday dishes i.e. no kiddie plastic and no mismatching-but-beloved coffee mugs.

Of course, I had to fight Darling Husband to even START this project, because he was convinced taking off the cabinet doors was ridiculous. The boy’s not on Pinterest, what can I say?

… I convinced him that we’d bag up the hardware, tape it to the cabinet doors and store everything carefully in the basement in case future owners ever wanted to put the doors back up. But they won’t, I promised him, because IT’S GOING TO LOOK AMAZING!

He grudgingly took down the cabinet doors and shelves and helped me pry out the picky little pieces that held in the door hardware. The next hiccup came when he didn’t want me to spackle over the holes for the adjustable shelving. What if the future owners wanted to change the height of the shelves?

“We can’t have holes in our open shelving. It will just look like a cruddy cabinet without the doors!” I argued. I may have also repeated something along the lines of “Who cares what the future owners will think?! IT’S GOING TO LOOK AMAZING!”

Read the full column (and project tutorial, with step-by-step pictures) over in My Handmade Home … 

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