Yes, I bring my kids to my Zumba classes

You can hear the music before you reach the studio, and see the disco lights flashing through the window. I greet the other students and we chat for a few minutes as we change into our sneakers.

But as I shed my hoodie and stake out my favourite spot with my water bottle, I have an audience. That’s because my three-year-old and four-year-old accompany me to many of my Zumba fitness classes.

New people seem quite surprised to walk into class and see two little kids sitting at the back of the room. Others tell me they’re shocked I can trust them to stay still for the full hour. But this isn’t our first rodeo — they know the drill well.

“What are the rules for Mommy’s class?” I’ll call into the back of the minivan as we drive through town towards the studio. “No running around once da music starts!” my littlest will call out, while the oldest chimes in about being sure “not to run into anybody” if he darts over to the washroom.

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