I want to do something, and I *know* Darling Husband is going to think it’s a bad idea, so I have yet to bring it up …

But Pinterest is on my side, so I’ll tell you about it.
I want to convert our front hall into one of those dreamy mudroom-type spaces!


Aren’t they amazing? You take off the closet doors, build in a bench (although I don’t think I would necessarily do a bench?) and add gorgeous storage solutions so it looks more like a ROOM than a closet.

In case you need a refresher, here’s the current state of our front hall closet.

I painted it, added cube storage for hats, mittens, etc., added wire baskets for the kids’ shoes (which has worked out awesomely well, because they have a specific spot for them), and prettied things up with wicker baskets and labels.

But … I don’t know … It’s fine. It works. The storage solutions have prevented it from turning into the colossal mess it once was.


Closet-turned-mudroom PROS:

  1. Pinterest says it would be pretty, and I agree.
  2. I’m tired of hanging up 527 coats every day because the kids can’t master hangers (and won’t for years)
  3. Might improve resale value (at least for people who like Pinterest?)
Closet-turned mudroom CONS:
  1. Taking off the doors is possibly a really bad idea, honestly, because then WHAT IF IT WAS MESSY? HOW WOULD WE HIDE IT?
  2. Darling Husband will probably veto it
  3. Might lower resale value (for people who are fond of doors on their closets?)

The trouble is that all of the examples of beautiful closet-turned-mudrooms on Pinterest do not show real-life closet crap — kids’ coats, rubber boots, sneakers, purses, tote bags, bulky grown-up jackets.

They show one white sweater, one towel (huh?) and maybe a twee umbrella. That is certainly not how we live.

I also don’t want to mess anything up that could affect the house’s resale value. We’re not planning on selling any time soon, but we’re still dreaming of moving to a beautiful old farmhouse.

Hmmmm. I have some thinking to do … 

One Comment on “Temptations

  1. I agree that that's probably a better idea in theory than in practice. We live pinterest-perfect lives on instagram, but not in reality. With littles you need a place to hide things, and that's just the way it is. Do you have any stretch of wall space in a foyer, laundry room, etc? When we enclosed our open dining room to create a nursery, we suddenly had this long empty wall in the foyer. I finally convinced my husband for us to do a board & batten treatment on that wall, and it has hooks to hang stuff like jackets/bag/broom and a long thin shelf on the top to lean some photos against the wall. I put at least one canvas family photo and have plans to add more. The whole look is very 'farm-housey'. If you can't have your farmhouse now, you can always add elements of one to your current situation. We bought a 'basic builder' house with zero personality, and we've changed things like the foyer board & batten, added a farmhouse sink & butcher block countertops to the kitchen, added a pedestal sink & built-in cubby storage to the bathroom, etc.


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