Coffee + Timbits + trying something new

I feel like my career has changed a lot in the past year — even just in the last few months. New opportunities keep popping up, and I’m seizing them all the way I pick out the purple and orange Skittles first.
BuzzFeed Canada is hiring a freelancer for paid post opportunities, and I reallllllly feel like I’ve found my people. As part of my “audition” (what’s it called when a writer tries out for something?), I wrote this post for BuzzFeed Community.
It’s … yeah, it’s about Tim Hortons. As Canadian as you can get, really!
My first BuzzFeed post is totally Canadian, eh?

If you’re at all interested in (A) Canada, (B) the U.S., or (C) Tim Hortons, it would help me greatly if you clicked over and took a read. I had fun putting it together, and it would be awesome to write regularly for BuzzFeed.

I apologize in advance, because the post will totally make you crave Timbits — those glazed little spheres of joy.


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