It’s a love story (for kids)

Valentine’s Day is pretty special at our house. We don’t put a lot of money into it, but it’s hard not to get kind of excited about a holiday that’s all about LOVE! And LOVING PEOPLE! And, like, yay FAMILY, right? Right?
Valentine’s Day has been especially meaningful for the last (*trying hard to do mental math*) … er … (*counts on fingers*) … eight years, because Darling Husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day in 2007
We eat heart-shaped food for one (maybe two) of the meals, because I’m a dork and I love cookie-cutters. 
We decorate — usually around Feb. 1 — with a Valentine’s Day banner that I made eons ago when I was pregnant with D. Then the night before Valentine’s Day, after the kids are asleep, I break out the streamers and balloons so it’s extra-festive when they wake up the next day.
Valentine’s Day is not a “gift” holiday for us, but last year I kept hearing about parents getting their kids legit PRESENTS for Valentine’s Day that I broke down and got them each a few really small things (i.e. candy + one sticker sheet from a secret stash in my closet).

This picture of C makes me laugh — and I can’t believe how much her hair has grown in less than a year!

So when Put Me in the Story approached me about doing another personalized book giveaway, I jumped at the chance.

The kids ADORE the books we reviewed last time (this one + this one), and I actually just read them both to C this morning.

Seriously, how sweet are their books?!

I can’t wait until they wake up on Valentine’s Day and see their new personalized stories. There are the ones we chose this time around …

My pick for D (age four)

My pick for C (age two-and-a-half)
Now it’s your turn! Enter below to win a personalized Valentine’s Day gift package that will include one personalized book, a puzzle, a placemat, and a stuffed I Love You Bear from Put Me In The Story. 
Winners for two personalized Valentine’s Day gift packages will be announced on January 27. 

Good luck!

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5 Comments on “It’s a love story (for kids)

  1. These are the cutest! Growing up I never could find anything with my name on it. Now I've cursed my daughter with the same problem (at least in terms of it being spelled “her way”). She would love to have a book all about her!


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