Taking the time

When I get busier than usual, I also get crankier than usual. It’s like a predictable math problem, A + B = C. (Is that a thing? I suck at math. guys)

But one thing I’ve learned in my 31 years is that a surefire way to uncrankify myself is to get things in order. Clean something. Tidy something something. Organize something.

My mom once read a book about “children of divorce,” and told me that that’s why I craved order and having control over things. It stuck with me, and it’s true.

When shit is going crazy all around me — personally, professionally, both — I take comfort in doing the little tasks I can control.

For the past few weeks (one, two, eight?) I have felt like the house is slowly crumbling around me. Yes, we were getting the dishes done, and the kitchen counter was (mostly) clear of random crap, but little things were getting worse and worse.

The stair baskets were always full of items to go up or down. The carpets were getting more and more desperate to be vacuumed. The toys weren’t always getting put away. My project/craft junk was spilling out of my office into the basement. Those thousand little niggling tasks have been wearing me down.

So tonight, after the kids (and Darling Husband) were in bed and my work (my ACTUAL work) was done, I attacked my house.

I didn’t finish everything that’s been bugging me. But I cleared off some surfaces. I actually picked up a bottle of Windex and wiped some surfaces! I put things away. I sorted jumbled toy baskets. Is there anything more soothing than sorting toys and getting them all put into their proper bins? It’s got to be up there with yoga, right?

I’m pretty sure I also played Barbies (alone) while sorting out the Barbie bins and organizing their house. I was watching Full House on Netflix at the same time, which made it ever sweeter.

I need to start doing this more often, because even that hour or cleaning/organizing made me feel SO much more in control of things. I may have to schedule it in one of my many Google calendars, but if that’s what it takes, fine.

I know when I come downstairs tomorrow morning, the house is going to be a little cleaner and more organized than usual … and damn, it’s going to feel good.


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