DIY Lego table

I had this friend growing up who had an INCREDIBLE collection of Lego and Playmobil, and I was obsessed with playing over at his house. He had so much Lego that he had a separate (large) clear plastic bin for every colour. It was an OCD kid’s dream!
Without (fully) realizing it, I have totally been leading my four-year-old son in the same direction. Recreating my childhood friend? Yup, basically.
D started off his Playmobil collection on his third birthday, with a gigantic farm set from my Mom and Little Sis. In just over a year, he’s amassed an impressive amount. We converted his old train table into a Playmobil table (“farm table”) and it does a great job of keeping it all contained.
I love Playmobil, but I was also itching for him to get started with Lego. I had a very small Lego collection when I was younger (don’t ask what happened to it — sad, tearful story) and I would spend hours building houses with it. I needed to AVENGE MY LEGO COLLECTION, er, give my son the same joy.
My dad and stepmother bought him a set early in the spring, and he went absolutely nuts over it. He was also really good at following the instructions and putting it all together, so my heart swelled with pride. It was happening! A tiny Lego enthusiast!
D’s birthday was in the beginning of June, so we threw him a Lego party (more tomorrow on that) for his friends, and a Lego-themed family dinner on his actual birthday. That meant he unwrapped a LOT of Lego (squeeeeeeeeee!) and we were all thrilled.
To keep that Lego from vanishing all over the house, though, we knew we had to create a playtable that would contain it …

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