Heather learns to run

So basically I was totally inspired by this awesome girl named Molly, and decided that I could learn to run, too.
Molly’s story totally hit home for me. She did Weight Watchers, lost 50 lbs., and went from not running at all — like meeee! — to being a superstar who just ran the Ottawa Marathon … all in less than three years.
After a few false starts in the fall, I tried a real couch-to-5K program and have gone successfully on exactly five runs. I’m not sure when I can call myself a runner … after 10? Maybe 20?
Oh, and I’m documenting most of my runs on Instagram, because we all know that if you don’t post your workout on social media, it didn’t happen.

This is kind of a huge deal for me, as a lifetime non-exerciser, because …

  • I hate exercise
  • I hate feeling sweaty
  • I especially hate when my face feels sweaty under my makeup
  • (Yes, I put on makeup before a run)
  • I only wash my hair once a week
  • I spend an hour curling/smoothing my hair once a week
  • My hair frizzes up instantly in the rain
  • I don’t like ruining my hair before the week is up
  • Did I mention I hate sweating?
My hope is to become a person who actually LIKES running (like Molly) because it would be awesome to (A) be good at some form of exercise, and (B) burn calories, since breastfeeding until the end of time wasn’t an option.
So far, here are my high-scientific notes (mostly to myself):
  • I like running in the nearby trailer park, because it’s a nice round paved loop
  • I don’t like running on the main roads, because I think I look nerdy when I run, and I feel like people driving by are probably making fun of me
  • I like running in the nearby wooded paths, except I constantly look over my shoulder for deer and/or rapists, and I will probably fall on a root or stump or something
  • I don’t like running up the hills in the woods, because hills are hard (duh), although it was nice that there wasn’t anyone there to see me panting (except possibly the rapists who were lurking in the woods … who were also possibly panting?)
  • I like running in the junior high parking lot, except then a deer got in my way and I had to change my course (we have a lot of deer around here, hey-yooo Canada)
  • I need to invent a special running hat (hat? jacket?) that protects hair from frizzing 100%

2 Comments on “Heather learns to run

  1. I am trying to thinking of words of advice to get over the sweaty/hair thing … but I got nothing. Honestly, my hair situation is shit when I'm running five times a week. Lately I've haven't been working out as much and I LOVE being able to have normal hair at work. I do think you will eventually learn to love the feeling of sweating, but I'm not sure there will ever be a solution for the hair problem. Besides a buzzcut.


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