An early start to the season

I have a thing where I hate being in crowds. Actually, I don’t think it’s the crowds exactly, because I can wait in a mob of people outside a concert or something, but being in crowded places where I need to accomplish something.
Like Christmas shopping.
I can’t stand being in a crowded, hot store and having to find gifts, line up with gifts, purchase gifts, etc. Everyone gets all frantic as it gets closer to Christmas. The sales clerks are impatient. Psycho shoppers start fights with them. And I always, always, always get stuck in the line-up behind someone who is demanding a price-check or engaging in a heated argument about why something isn’t on sale.
So for as long as I can remember, I’ve done my Christmas shopping really early. I start in September, usually, and aim to be just about finished by Halloween — leaving nothing for November except to buy stocking stuffers, candy to put atop niece/nephew gifts, etc. I also do a lot of the shopping online, so there’s a package or two that has yet to arrive.
My closet’s been getting pretty crowded over the last two months, as I stuff gifts onto the shelves, and drop shopping bags on the floor. The mess was driving me nuts, but I knew I couldn’t wrap until I had a couple of hours when Darling Husband was home to watch the kids, so I didn’t have to drag everything downstairs.
(You may remember from my organization series that I keep all of my wrapping paper — including Christmas paper — in our master closet, so it’s much easier to just wrap there, too.)

So this morning, I banished my three beloved family members to the basement playroom, and …
… Mama wrapped!
This meant, of course, that I had to dig out the kids’ annual Christmas gift tags
As I’ve written about before here, our son and daughter each get four gifts from us, plus a new pair of Christmas jammies to wear on Christmas Eve. 
  • Something you want 
  • Something you need 
  • Something to play with 
  • Something to read 
  • And a new pair of jammies on Christmas Eve
It was so much fun to put on some Christmas songs, spread out the gifts, wrap them up, and put on their special tags. C’s “Something to play with” gift isn’t quite done yet (more on that soon), so I didn’t finish wrapping by any means. And one of D’s gifts this year is an experience that he’ll get in November — tickets to Dora The Explorer concert! — so I’m going to pick up a small Dora item and wrap that up, to remind him of the concert.
All in all, a really nice way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning. Except now I’m going to be bursting with Christmas excitement and have a longgggg time to wait.

2 Comments on “An early start to the season

  1. How do you use Santa in this? I love the idea and am trying to use it, but I always make sure his “want” is from Santa, so I'm curious to know how you incorporated that. Thanks 🙂
    PS – sorry if this posted twice, I'm new to it


  2. Thanks for commenting, Megan! I should have mentioned Santa. It's a separate thing, where the kids get to write to Santa and ask him for one present — since, of course, he has so many girls and boys to deliver presents to. So they get four from us, a pair of PJs, and one gift from Santa (who also does the stockings).


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