When your kid’s swimming lesson feels like a spa visit …

Just got back from D’s third swimming lesson, and … am I sleeping yet?

After a day of racing all over town — preschool drop-off, grocery shopping (and uh, clothes-shopping) with C, dropping the groceries at home, running to the fabric store with C, picking D up from preschool — and then spending the afternoon juggling five phone interviews, a slew of emails, and a couple of writing assignments, I’m just … just … unable to form words-ish?

D and I ate a quick dinner together at 4:22 p.m., woke up C (who was napping) and Darling Husband (who was sleeping all day, since he worked the overnight shift), and ran to the pool for his 5:30 p.m. swimming lesson.

No phones are allowed on the deck. No electronics of any kind, actually. So I just sat and watched. But mostly, just … sat.

The air is too warm in a pool area, when you’re just watching. There’s a lot of white noise, from the swooshing of the water and the high ceilings and the fans, or whatever. It’s very … drowsy … in there. And pretty quiet, considering all of the suited-up kiddies bobbing around.

As I sat on the pool deck on his folded towel, I could barely stay awake. It honestly felt like I was at a spa, getting a massage or something. Yes, sitting on a FLOOR felt like a MASSAGE! You read that right.

I always tell myself I need to take time to breathe, as I fly through every day with my hair streaming behind me. Always, always, always, in a blur of productivity and deadline-meeting and RUSHING.

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday’s lesson, when I can drop to the tiled floor of the pool deck, in the too-warm air, and just … sit.

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