Not Me Monday

Haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so I thought it would be fun for a (very rainy) Monday …

  • Dinner on Saturday evening was loaded with fresh vegetables, lean meats, and healthy quinoa-type … stuff. It certainly wasn’t grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of cheesies.
  • I didn’t grit my teeth yesterday at the ice cream shop when D (age 2) threw a fit while I was nursing C — making it difficult to stop him. I definitely didn’t really, really, wish public spanking was not frowned-upon. I would never think furious thoughts at my toddler and shoot him dagger eyes.
  • I wasn’t extremely excited to see the new pretty designs and prints on our Pampers “nighttime” (a.k.a. diposable) diapers. I would never get excited over something so lame.
  • I don’t serve my toddler pancakes and syrup for breakfast almost every day. No! Not me! He gets a variety of healthy breakfast options, like … bran-sprinkled oatmeal? And … porridge?
  • I am not really, really hopeful the scrape/mark on my two-year-old’s face clears up soon, because it makes his face look less cute. I don’t think much about appearances … or taking cute photos.

* See my past Not Me Monday posts *

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