Easy felt pennant banner

This was back-to-school week, but it didn’t affect our household, since everyone is too old or too young for school. I always love this time of year, though, so I celebrated by buying myself a pack of Sharpie Pens — and they are kind of the BEST THING EVER. Love them.
What was I saying? Right. So the start of the new school year was this week, and while it didn’t affect our family, it DID affect our dear friends and neighbours because … my friend J is a teacher!
I get very excited by this, because I feel very grown-up to have teacher friends. To make it even more awesome, J teaches junior high French — and we actually became friends while taking French together in junior high. Amazing!
So to celebrate J’s return to school after her mat leave, I made her a little felt banner for her classroom. I’ve always thought being a teacher sounded awesome, because I loved the idea of decorating a classroom and doing crafty projects. I guess it’s a little more than that? But that’s my dream “teaching” job, anyway.
Here we go!
I started with some sheets of denim-looking felt from Michaels …

Cut them into triangles (fit two triangles per sheet, I think)

Then I cut out felt letters to spell “Bienvenue” (Welcome)

I glued everything on with my trusty gluegun. When I hear people talk about white glue and craft glue and fabric glue, my eyes glaze over and I think “Why use anything but hot glue? Why? WHY?”

Oh, and then I brushed on some super-amazing silver craft glitter that I bought for about $3 in the kids’ section a few years ago. Seriously — best purchase ever.

Is there anything better than glitter? No, I did not think so.

Happy back-to-school, J!

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