How to keep your toddler quiet in church

I recently posted about our family’s decision to go back to church, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve stuck to it!
We’ve been to 9 a.m. mass every single Sunday since C’s baptism, with the exception of this past Sunday, because we were out late on Saturday and the kids slept until 8:35 a.m. and OF COURSE I WAS NOT WAKING THEM UP.
The great news is that D has continued to improve week after week (behaviour-wise), and I’m so proud of him. I decided he needed a special incentive to trot out his extra-good church behaviour, so I went to the Dollar Store and put together a Church Busy Bag!
Here’s how I did it …
Here’s the haul! It includes sticks, an activity book, crayons, little toy animals, and his very own lip balm. (You can see flash cards in this picture, but I ultimately decided to keep them at home, because mess = ugh)

This is the bag I bought to store everything in. I actually think it’s really cute. Can you believe it was $2 at a Dollar Store??? You can? Oh. Maybe it’s not that cute?

I also added these gems we already owned (but they were also originally from the Dollar Store). Hooray for snack cups and sippy cups!

We already owned this mini-magnadoodle and Elmo book, too.

I took all of the stickers and the activity book and put them in this cute Toy Story folder. This eliminated all of the crinkly noisy packaging, so D won’t disrupt his fellow parishoners. I can also add a few new pages ripped from a colouring book every week.

I stored all of the little plastic farm animals in this fun fuzzy pencil case. It has a beanbag sort of thing happening on one side of it, so D loves to use it as a pretend pillow.

This little boy LOVES makeup, so he was thrilled to get his very own Cars lipbalm. And he’s been really into combing his hair lately, so I bought a big $1 package of combs and tossed one in the bag. It’s adorable to see him combing his hair in church.

Busy Bag all packed and ready to go!

It’s light enough that he can easily carry it into church. I think he’s proud to lug it around.

So that’s how I spent $14.50 on a super-fun busy bag for D. We’ve taken it to church once so far, and he LOVED it. He seemed to be content loading and unloading the pencil case for quite a while, and just taking everything out of the bag and exploring it all. I’m hoping this continues to keep him happy and quiet for many Sundays to come!
How do you keep your kids quiet in places like church?

2 Comments on “How to keep your toddler quiet in church

  1. We have a nursery in our church for the little ones to go to before they are old enough for Sunday School. So I'm very impressed you can keep him quiet and entertained the whole service! 🙂
    I have a random question for you. How far along were you in your pregnancies when you started to feel any symptoms? Or did you know since Day 1??
    P.S. We don't know each other; I am just a faithful reader of yours who randomly comments here and there! 🙂


  2. Wow, good question!

    Well, with D (my first), I didn't feel any different until after I took the pregnancy test (at the four-week mark). Then I started feeling sick pretty quickly.

    With C (my second), I felt sick ONE WEEK after she was conceived, literally. She was conceived on the 13th, and I was pretty sure I was pregnant by the 20th because I was so nauseous. I took the test on the 24th and it was positive!

    Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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