Three little things

When you’re a frazzled mom, even the littlest things can help make your day a bit easier.
So I’ve been keeping track of my own personal annoyances lately, and figuring out solutions (usually with the help of the Dollar Store or a cheap item from Walmart).
Here are three recent “two-second projects” that have greatly helped my sanity:

1. Adding a hook to the bathroom wall for easy potty seat storage. This seat was always leaned against the wall, and it drove me nuts. I never even thought of putting up a hook until I saw my lovely friend L had done it in her bathroom. GENIUS!

2. Buying a hanging storage caddy for C’s stuffed animals. Until I bought this, C had a ton of stuffed animals (all gifts) at one end of her crib. I knew it wasn’t safe to have them there, but she doesn’t roll over yet, so I figured it was OK until then (since they were at the opposite end of the crib). But they looked messy. I actually wanted to turf them all, but didn’t (see above, RE: gifts no one wants to receive). Then I realized that D has a similar solution in HIS closet, so I bought C a pink one at Giant Tiger for about $5. Now they’re safely out of sight until she’s old enough to play with them.

3. Buying a Dollar Store broom exclusively for the top-floor bathroom. I’ve reached the stage of post-partum awesomeness that causes your hair to fall out in clumps. This meant the floor of my top-floor bathroom (which is off the master bedroom, but also accessed via the hall) was constantly covered in looooong dark brown hairs. Ew. I never remembered to bring the main broom upstairs to sweep, so I just kept getting grossed out every time I was in the bathroom. Solution? A Dollar Store broom and dustpan, which I stash in the linen closet upstairs. No excuses now for not sweeping this bathroom, is there?

What easy solutions do you implement in your house to make it less chaotic?

One Comment on “Three little things

  1. I can't take credit for the potty hook because it came with the potty seat that we bought, but it does work really well!


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