Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 28

Week 28 
(Feb. 4 through Feb. 10) 

Symptoms: Heartburn (but it’s just a regular part of my day now). Stomach tightening (although I don’t know for sure if I’d call them Braxton Hicks). Fading energy. Maaaaaajor shortness of breath.

Body changes: My whole body feels really heavy, and I feel waddle-y when I walk.

Baby movement: VERY visible kicks from the outside, and lots of thudding around on the inside. It’s started to hurt sometimes, but not too badly yet.

Cravings: Cheeseburgers with onions and pickles!

Aversions: Select meat products (or just meat smells).

High point: Hanging out with J, going to our weekly playgroup — anything social! Darling Husband worked a LOT this particular week, and I was mega-stir-crazy.

Low point: Dealing with the toddler all by myself for days and days on end. When he would fling food or spill his milk on the floor (and I’d need to get down on my hands and knees to clean it up), it was enough to make me cry. I actually did call Darling Husband in tears one evening, just 15 minutes before the toddler’s bedtime — which made no sense, because (A) what could he do from work? and (B) it was almost his bedtime anyway. It just felt like those last 15 minutes were impossible.

How does this week compare to Week 28 during pregnancy #1? No swelling yet, woohoo! Darling Husband pointed out that I did have very sliiiiight sock indents the other day, but I’m choosing not to hear him. NO SWELLING. None.

Baby preparation: Still holding true to my plan to have the nursery finished by the end of Week 29, I think. Just need to make some basket labels, do a little vacuuming, and add one more wall accent. So exciting to see it come together. I can’t wait to show you all!

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