Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 24

Week 24 
(Jan. 7 through Jan. 13) 

Symptoms: Combatting the worst pregnancy symptom ever with bran muffins and lots of water. Pregnancy is so glamorous, isn’t it? Shortness of breath is hot, too. And tiredness. And snoring.

Body changes: Darling Husband told me I look BIGGER this pregnancy than I did in my last. Um, WHAT? No, I am smaller. I think. Well, I thought. Until he said that. Asshole.

Belly button: Almost at the surface.

Baby movement: Some serious wallops this week from Baby Girl! I was impressed. She has been quite the gentle delicate flower so far, so it was nice to see — well, feel — some hefty jabs.

Cravings: Hamburgers with onions and pickles. I am a pregnancy cliche.

Aversions: Ate a particularly gross piece of cheese at the in-laws. I *thought* it was harmless old cheddar. Turns out it was something weird and wacky. I shall never trust their cheese-and-cracker offerings again.

High point: Having our do-over ultrasound and finding out that everything looks fine. Even though Baby Girl didn’t cooperate during the first one, she did (eventually) this time, and they got all the heart photos they needed. Huge relief.

Low point: Slightly out-of-whack emotions, made worse by tiredness. I seem to be more tired suddenly, even though I go to bed at 10:30 p.m. every night and the Toddler of Terror doesn’t usually wake me until 7:30 a.m. What gives???

How does this week compare to Week 24 during pregnancy #1? Apparently I had the startings of swelling at this point last time. Haha, Former Me! I haven’t had any yet! … Wait, I just jinxed myself, didn’t I?

Baby preparation: Painted a super-gorgeous (if I do say so myself) mural-type-thing on the nursery wall, sewed the curtains and cribskirt, and successfully nagged Darling Husband into painting the bottom half of the nursery walls (wainscoting). It’s really coming together!

2 Comments on “Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 24

  1. Women can definitely feel baby’s kicks from the outside. My husband has been able to feel our little one for a few weeks now (I’m 24 weeks) and so has my mother….who is also my OBGYN. This is one of several inconsistencies and inaccuracies I’ve noticed with your website throughout is pregnancy.


  2. Um, I never said women couldn't feel their baby's kicks from the outside?

    I think I've mentioned that my husband hasn't yet felt the kicks during this pregnancy, because our baby is most active at night (and he works nights). How nice for you that your husband is around more!

    Very curious what my other inconsistencies and inaccuracies are, so do share. Also a reminder that this blog is a chronicle of *my* experiences, and every pregnancy is different.


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