Astrology fun

So the new baby will be a Taurus — a lovely, um, bull.
I did a little research, and it turns out that if astrology plays a part, the new baby is only highly-compatible with Darling Husband (a Scorpio).
Me (Leo) and the Toddler (Gemini)? “Low compatibilty.”
On the plus side, the toddler and I have “high compatibility” with each other. And that really seems true. We are super-close and he is definitely a Mama’s Boy.
Maybe Darling Husband really is going to get a Daddy’s Girl? It could be written in the stars!

P.S. After looking up our childrens’ charts, I looked up mine and Darling Husband’s. Apparently Leos and Scorpios are NOT compatible. Astrology is crap!

So what do you think?

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