Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 23

Week 23 
(Dec. 31 through Jan. 6) 

Symptoms: Still dealing with what is potentially the worst pregnancy symptom ever. Trying to remember to drink more water and eat more fibre, but … pregnancy brain! It’s a losing battle! Oh, and heartburn. I’m taking a pill once a day now.

Body changes: Big ol’ stomach. I’ve started sort of grunting when I heave myself up sometimes. Super attractive, right?

Belly button: Still a big cavern with a little peaked mountain in the middle. Very weird.

Baby movement: Some more pronounced roll-y type movements. I swear, though, I only notice them when I’m sitting down or lying down. Am I seriously too busy to notice any other times?

Cravings: Homemade bread with butter. Mom got a “family Christmas gift” of a breadmaker for Little Sis and I to share, and already it’s been dangerous. The ability to make warm white bread is not exactly helping my aforementioned problem.

Aversions: The compost-y bin thing in the kitchen is my enemy. It’s so disgusting, it makes me never want to eat anything. Ever. Except I am hungry. Hmmm.

High point: Making big progress with the nursery! Darling Husband painted the walls a beautiful light aqua, and it’s starting to feel so real. We also found out the date of our booked C-section (April 25)!

Low point: A few difficult outings with the Toddler of Terror. I know it’s wrong to think your child is being an ass, but … yeah! Terrible Twos seem to have hit six months early.

How does this week compare to Week 23 during pregnancy #1? Nursery prep was about in the same stage at this point last time. Heartburn, too.

Baby preparation: Painted the nursery, as I mentioned above. I alternate between feeling like there’s no huge rush on the nursery and feeling like OMG we have to get it DONE. (I just looked at the blog and realized I only have three weeks left of the second trimester. Holy crap! Now I want to try to get it finished before then).

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