Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 20

Week 20 
(Dec. 10 through Dec. 16) 

Symptoms: More round ligament pain (a.k.a. stomach tightening/stretching feelings). Dizziness. Headaches. And OH YEAH, HEARTBURN!

Body changes: I keep trying to compare my bump to my previous pregnancy’s bump, but I think it’s pretty similar. Bumpish and all.

Baby movement: Starting to feel more like kicks. Tiny little kicks.

Cravings: Still plain chips. Also plain tea biscuits with butter, mmmm.

Aversions: Pepperoni again.

High point: Getting to meet lovely friend A’s new little bundle of joy — a teensy perfect baby boy. I told Darling Husband that it’s a good thing I’m already pregnant, because otherwise I would have had MAJOR baby fever.

Low point: Going for our hospital ultrasound. It was awesome to see the baby, BUT the same thing happened as it did with Baby Boy — our non-cooperating baby didn’t let them get all the angles they needed of the heart, so we need to go back in two weeks for another ultrasound. I’m glad we got to see the baby, and glad for another ultrasound, but I wish it had gone smoothly and I didn’t have that wondering “is-everything-really-OK” feeling again.

How does this week compare to Week 20 during pregnancy #1? Heartburn sounds about the same. From reading my old posts, it sounds like I was getting super-uncomfortable and gigantic by this point last time. I don’t know if I’m actually smaller this time around or what, but I haven’t *knock on wood* felt that way yet. Maybe I’m in better shape from chasing after the toddler? Or just too busy to sit around and think about how large I feel? No idea.

Baby preparation: I started going through the crates of baby clothes, but there was really no progress. I didn’t know at this point what we were having, so there wasn’t much I could do.

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