Hamburger or Turtle?!?!

My hospital ultrasound is this morning.

Fellow Canadians know what I mean by that. By “hospital ultrasound” I mean “the actual medical ultrasound where they won’t tell you ANYTHING (like the sex of your baby) and will get PISSY if you dare ask them because DIDN’T YOU READ all those SIGNS in the waiting room that tell you NOT TO ASK?”

Our healthcare may be free, yo, but it’s not an all-access pass to penis and vagina reveals.

At my hospital ultrasound during my first pregnancy, I tried really hard to see if I could tell the sex. Girl parts look like a hamburger, and boy parts look like a turtle. See?

Boy = turtle!

Girl = hamburger!

I’m pretty sure the ultrasound techs scan over those parts really fast, so you can’t tell, but I’m brushing up again just in case.

And yes, I AM the most impatient person in the world, because I’ll be finding out this information for sure TOMORROW at my PAID NON-HOSPITAL FANCY 3D/4D ultrasound clinic.

But, you know, can’t hurt to try to find out today 🙂

Hamburger or turtle — what’s your guess?

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