Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 16

Week 16 
(Nov. 12 to Nov. 18) 

Symptoms: Heartburn, but not enough that I actually remember to take the pill most of the time. But it’s coming. I’m certain more is coming.

Body changes: I do appreciate that my boobs are bigger. Thanks, God. Love, Margaret.

Baby movement: Still pretty faint most of the time, which — of course — makes me paranoid.

Cravings: Cake. I made an incredible one (well, two) for Darling Husband’s 30th birthday this week, and it was spectacular.

Aversions: Nope.

High point: Going to a good friend’s baby shower and feeling like a MOTHERING GENIUS because I won the game — which was a think-of-a-baby-related-item-that-starts-with-this-letter Scattegories kind of game. And I kind of ROCKED Scattergories back when people played it. Miss that game. Anyway.

Low point: Practically killing myself getting the house ready to host Darling Husband’s birthday party, which involved a buttload of people I wanted the house to look nice for. So. Very. Tiring.

How does this week compare to Week 16 during pregnancy #1? I seemed to feel a lot more “pregnant” that time around, didn’t I? Hmmm. Again, no idea if I’m just “different” this time around, or if I’m feeling symptoms less because I don’t have hours to sit and ponder my precious feelings and write about them as soon as they pop into my precious head. (I am kind of jealous of my previous self at the moment — what with all the FREE TIME she had and everything. Bitch.)

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