Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 13

Week 13 
(Oct. 22 to Oct. 28) 

Symptoms: Crippling exhaustion. But that is probably because I am a ONE-WOMAN MOVING MACHINE OMG. Boxes. Unpacking. Ow. And headaches.

Body changes: I think I’m officially done playing “Pregnant or just fat?” The answer is (luckily) always “pregnant.” And that is definitely the preferred answer.

Baby movement: Still only really noticing it at night, when I’m very still.

Cravings: Pizza Hut pizza. It was incredible.

Aversions: None!

High point: Reaching the second trimester. And moving into our new house!

Low point: Moving into our new house! (Yes, it was a high and a low. Have you ever tried to move all your crap WITHOUT MOVERS — and with a very disorganized husband calling the shots?)

How does this week compare to Week 13 during pregnancy #1? The headaches are back, unfortunately. And the sucky part about pregnancy is the don’t-take-any-drugs part, so you are stuck with nothing but the occassional regular-strength Tylenol. How come in What to Expect, they reassure you that if you did crack-cocaine before you were pregnant, it’s no big deal, but I CAN’T TAKE A FREAKING ADVIL?

So what do you think?

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