Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 8

Week 8 
(Sept. 17 to Sept. 23) 

Symptoms: Still nauseous. Getting up once in the night to pee — boo. And I’m really, really cold all the time. Even when no one else is. Very weird.

Body changes: Still look mega-pregnant. Still planning on lying about how far along I am if a stranger asks.

Cravings: Fast food. Chicken nuggets, fries, cheeseburgers. Apparently I can tolerate meat when it’s incredibly bad for you.

Aversions: Healthy meats. Raw vegetables. Salad. Deviled eggs.

High point: Finding out TWO of my friends are pregnant, too — for a total of four good friends, all pregnant RIGHT NOW. So happy for everyone! Babies! Yay!

Low point: Sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired.

How does this week compare to Week 8 during pregnancy #1? According to last time around, my boobs were so big that I couldn’t fit into certain bras and outfits. UM, DAMN. Not this time around. I blame breastfeeding. It giveth you an amazing rack, and then it taketh away. Also, I was hot all the time last time, and now I’m cold all the time. Figure that one out.

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