Mmm, discs of squished chicken!

When I first started making homemade baby food, I struggled with chicken. I wanted to have some baby-friendly chicken servings in the freezer, so he could have something protein-y to go with his veggies and carbs — the boy loves his carbs.
So I followed the instructions in all the baby cookbooks, and boiled it in water, pureed it into a sick powdery substance, added some water, and pureed again.
It was GROSS. 
Dry and crumbly and just … not chicken.
No wonder Baby Boy wasn’t a fan of protein.
My more recent attempt was MUCH more successful, so here it is …
Chicken à la Bébé
Cook two boneless chicken breasts in a slowcooker 1 cup water.

Transfer to a cutting board.

Use a handy choppy-chop to mince it up
(sort of the consistency of chicken salad pieces)

Scoop the chopped chicken into ice trays or a silicone muffin pan.

Scoop up some of the chicken broth-y goodness.

Pour it into the cups and pat gently, so the chicken is smooth on top.

Pop your tray in the freezer.
Dump the frozen chicken discs into a labeled baggie.

When you need a serving of chicken, pop a frozen disc onto a plate, microwave on the defrost setting for a couple of minutes, and VOILA — moist, baby-sized bites of chicken.
Bon appetit, babies!

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