The Great Diaper Bag Challenge

My diaper bag was getting out of control.

It was crammed with stuff, suuuuuper-heavy to lift, and I was constantly having to pack it before I left the house. It was not fun.

Here is a partial before shot. It’s hideous, and keep in mind it DOESN’T EVEN SHOW my keys, wallet, sunglasses, coupons, or the 2-3 cloth diapers it contained. I have no idea how they missed the photo. They must have been busy mingling with the hairbands or something.

That’s a lot of crap, right?
Ugh, it bugs me to even see all the junk I was lugging around.

Now for the marvelous after shot (that actually includes EVERYTHING) …

I love it! I travel sooo much lighter now, and I still have everything I need. Here’s now I pared down the dreaded diaper bag:

  • Two or three cloth diapers were taking up SO much room, and we’re only usually out with Baby Boy for a couple of hours at a time. We just weren’t using them. So now I keep one in the bag at all times, and two slim disposables in case of a poo emergency.
  • I’m done with nursing in public, so I don’t need to lug around that cover anymore. Ditto for the nursing pads, as I’m no longer Sprouty McLeak.
  • I didn’t need a zillion empty baggies. Yes, sometimes a baggie comes in handy for wet clothes or a diaper or something, but one large one is enough — it’s hidden inside the yellow wet-bag.
  • I don’t need a massive amount of spare clothing options for Baby Boy. It’s warm enough now that a one-piece outfit is a fine back-up.
  • I don’t need ninety-million snack options. One each is enough for short trips.
  • I realized that if Baby Boy is not interested in a toy or book, he won’t be interested in the other three I have packed. Sophie is now the only toy I keep in there, because she doubles as a teether (and is easily washed). When we’re out, there’s so much to see that he really doesn’t care to play with something.
  • I don’t need to take my camera unless it’s a special occasion. My new phone has a much better camera than my BlackBerry, and it’s fine for day-to-day cuteness opportunities. 
The best part of the diaper bag makeover?
I was able to switch from my nice-but-heavyyyy Bily diaper bag to the light-and-breezy messenger-style backpack I got free from Nestle. I can’t even describe how much EASIER it is to lug around. I throw it over my back and have both hands free, instead of having one shoulder totally weighed down by a massive bag. Love it!
What are you waiting for? Go clean out your diaper bag!

2 Comments on “The Great Diaper Bag Challenge

  1. Oh god that looks good. My go to diaper bag these days is a MASSIVE canvas bag from Lands End. It's huge and while cute, not as cute as my much smaller Skip Hop. I totally need to do this.


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