Not Me Monday: Royal Wedding Edition

  • I did not sacrifice precious sleep on Friday by getting up at 6 a.m. to watch the royal wedding
  • I did not regret sacrificing the aforementioned sleep ALL DAY as I yawned constantly
  • When I needed to wake up Darling Husband for work, I kissed him sweetly and brought him coffee in bed. I definitely did not race into the bedroom at 7 a.m. and hurriedly announce, “It’s seven! Wake up! Bye!”
  • When Darling Husband asked what he was bringing to work for lunch, I stopped watching and lovingly prepared a fresh, healthy lunch. I did not hiss, “Food! Figure it out. Shh!” 
  • When Baby Boy woke up for the day, I took my time changing him and dressing him in the perfect outfit. I would never grab him from his crib and race back to the living room, waiting to change his diaper and PJs until after the ceremony was over
  • I did not let Baby Boy eat crumbly bits of muffin and drippy bits of watermelon in the living room, on the carpet, because I didn’t want to leave the TV wedding celebration. Nope, not me!

So what do you think?

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